• Question – Why would someone spend $3600 for a bottle of water and how do companies like Apple, Disney, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Maverik create raving fans?
  • Answer – Branding!

In less than an hour, Ernie will explain how branding works and outline the steps for you to build your own remarkable brand that will help you grow your business.

After studying Illustration at Utah State University, Ernie began working in the advertising and marketing industry in 1993 as an illustrator and interactive designer for an ad agency in SLC. Two years later he established a creative production studio called 8fish that became well-known for animation, video production, ad design, writing, and brand development for a variety of clients including Maverik, Inc where he led a rebranding effort that transformed it into a $3 billion adventure brand.

Self-diagnosed with Hyperactive Productivity Disorder Ernie loves consulting, writing and illustrating children’s books, trail running, triathlons, wakeboarding, hot yoga, weight training, camping, mountain biking, watching movies, eating junk food and spending time with his family and 7 brothers. Learn more at ernieharker.com