Zig Ziglar Certified Motivational Speaker

Chad Porter is one of the nation’s most inspirational and motivational speakers. He has been speaking for over 20 years, telling his amazing story of overcoming obstacles, perseverance, dealing with life’s challenges.

Vice President of E-commerce at Utah.com

Eric Bright is Vice President of E-commerce at Deseret Digital Media, focusing on marketplace commerce products (including classifieds, local commerce, and travel verticals).


Over the past 8 years, Ernie has spearheaded Maveriks’ groundbreaking loyalty program and has been recognized as an expert at industry loyalty events and forums. He was the former executive director of marketing for Maverik Inc. and is now consulting full-time.

Managing Director
Utah Office of Tourism

In her role with the Utah Office of Tourism, Vicki Varela was the driving force behind the implementation and expansion of The Mighty Five® campaign promoting Utah’s five national parks and implementation of the Find Your Greatest® ski campaign.

Executive Director
Utah Tourism Industry Association

Kaitlin serves as the Executive Director of the Utah Tourism Industry Association and offers a deep knowledge base in all things tourism. From funding to strategy to partner collaboration, Kaitlin has spent the last decade immersing herself in Utah’s visitor economy.