President & CEO
Destination Marketing

There are very few change-agents on the planet who have motivated more people in more places than Roger Brooks, CSP, has in the travel industry. Over the past 30 years Roger, as a tourism speaker and expert, has helped thousands of people transform ordinary places, businesses, and attractions into incredibly successful destinations.


Glenn gets things started. A natural at getting people to talk, and stirring the pot, he leads the Bondir team in establishing initial client connection and determining the best route up the mountain. After spending 18 years in New York City as a Madison Avenue creative, Glenn has acclimated back to reality and finds redemption in the work of Bondir.

Founder & CEO

Fynn founded in 2012. Between 2014-2016, the site grew into one of the largest sites for adventure travelers in the U.S. In 2016, the company launched RootsRated Compass, a content marketing platform for outdoor brands and destination marketing organizations.

Managing Director
Utah Office of Tourism

In her role with the Utah Office of Tourism, Vicki Varela was the driving force behind the implementation and expansion of The Mighty Five® campaign promoting Utah’s five national parks and implementation of the Find Your Greatest® ski campaign.

Executive Director
Utah Tourism Industry Association

Kaitlin serves as the Executive Director of the Utah Tourism Industry Association and offers a deep knowledge base in all things tourism. From funding to strategy to partner collaboration, Kaitlin has spent the last decade immersing herself in Utah’s visitor economy.